How-To: Wilhelmsturm in Dillenburg – Small Tutorial of Texture Shots

The Dillenburg "Castle"

This is again a shot from Dillenburg, my hometown in Germany. Since some weeks I started to process some pictures quite different than my usually “realistic” style. I learned that sometimes a texture could really add something special to a shot. Especially, if you are not satisfied with your normal result think about adding a texture. With many of my lower photos I had some concerned with the untextured version.

Here is my pretty simple approach:

– Load both picture, the photo and the texture, in one photoshop document on separate layers. The texture should be the top layer.

– Switch the blend mode from normal to another mode and adjust the opacity (100% is seldom the best choice). Usually multiply or soft light works pretty good. Think also about masking out some areas.

– Some times it is a good idea to add an adjustment layer for the photo to adjust the photo individually (e.g. increase the exposure) to improve the combined result.

Here are some of my results (textured and untextured shot):
The Birds from Boston

Beneath an AngelAngel of Berlin (Victory Column/Siegessäule)

The Clock in Central Station New YorkThe clock in Central Station

The Dillenburg "Castle"The Dillenburg "Castle"

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