Tip: The tripod that you have with you all the time

Kerk Onze-Lieve-Vrouwenbasiliek in Maastricht
(photo: Kerk Onze-Lieve-Vrouwenbasiliek in Maastricht, F6.7, HDR, 30sec, ISO 100)

Every serious photographer knows how important a good tripod is. And a good tripod needs to be big enough and heavy to ensure good photos. But that makes it difficult to have it all the time with you. The best tripod is “, that I have all the time with me” (according to Chase Jarvis). Here is one of my best purchase I every made for photo gear.

The tripod is pretty small and flexible. You can carry it around in your jeans (and I carry it around very often ;-). You can extend it up to 1 meter and although not intentionally engineered for that, you can use it also as a small monopod when you are sitting (e.g. for sport events). Sometimes it is prohibited to bring a tripod (e.g. a stadium or a tower). This gear usually doesn’t count as a tripod for security. The tripod is pretty cheap (30$, Maybe you need to add a stronger ball-head). It is not solid as a rock. But in case when you need a slide ground and nothing is there, this is awesome to have with you.

Nothing special but pretty handy. Here are some results, that were without this gear not possible. I think the investment was worth it.

At the University in Munich (Night)

New York Times Square at Night

The Prudential Center at Night

Entrance Red Light District - Amsterdam at Night

Boston Celtics and the Garden

Boston Celtics and the Garden

Berlin at night