The Blue Cathedral in Montreal

I was the third time in Montreal, but it took till now that I had a chance to visit Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. I had no idea, what I was missing.
I have never seen such an old cathedral that is so neon blue. A unique lighting set-up creates the entire effect. Very strange, very special, very unique, very blue !!!

Technique: This is three photo vertical panorama. The photo didn’t work out as planned and I needed to improvise in post. The two lower photos were handheld(1/15@ISO5600), only the ceiling was on a “tripod” (8s@ISO 100). I always do an exposure blend with lumenzia/luminosity masks 3Ex (-2,0,2), thus this is the result of 3 * 3Ex (-2,0,2)

Nikon D800, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, 16mm, f8