Back Home in Boston

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Finally, we are back in Boston. It feels really good to be back home. After such a long break in Europe, we started to miss our home town a lot. In the first week, I had a conference (Academy of Management) in right in Boston. During the conference, there was also a reception on the top of the prudential tower. The view is always breath taking. But this time, it was right at sunset and a game was going on in fenway park.

But I didn’t had a real camera with me. So I used what I had: my ipad. I simulated my typical process and shot pictures exposed for highlights, shadows, and the normal scene, hoping that I can do anything with it in post.

Above you see the result. I quite pleased with it and think it is not bad for an ipad. In comparison you see below the unprocessed photo, how the ipad captured the scene (believe me that picture does not do the scene justice ;-).