How-To: The Urban Mission of Boston in the View

The Urban Mission in the View

Today I want to show you my submission for a photo competition here in Boston. The motto was “The Urban Mission”. Well, not easy to find the right motive. During the last days I have played around with some macro shots and I was always impressed by eye pictures wit reflection. So I thought to do something like this with the skyline of Boston.

But to get a complete in one eye is pretty hard. Especially on a windy days. So I decided to do it with photoshop. Usually, I don’t do such heavy photoshop manipulations. But I think it might be interesting for some of you, how I achieved the result above.

– I did a picture of my wife’s eye with my macro equipment (more details about macros here). She was lying on the ground, so the she could hold still easier.

– For the reflection I used an older Skyline Picture of Boston from the Winter

– The next I used the Polar Coordinates in the Distort Filter menue of Photoshop. With this you can make a nice small planet (e.g. here) or a “barrel” of a Skyline.

Boston Globe

– In the next step I just blend the eye picture with the pictures above. Usually multiply works relative well and give a realistic impression.

Hope you like the result and tell me about your experiences