Welcome to the relaunch of my photo blog

After the some weeks of experience with this blog, I realized that this blog needs a real purpose besides just featuring my photos. I do this already on flickr (and I think that is the right place for it).

I’m on a continuous journey to improve my photography. Thus, I try a lot of different photography as well as post-processing techniques and continuously looking for new techniques and inspirations to improve my photo work.

Therefore, the relaunched blog is meant to illustrate my journey to get a better photographer. Besides showing my photography and I explain the story behind the final result. I try to give tips and share experiences, what I think I have already learned about photography. Further, this website is my little place to highlight some of the artwork, photography, and tips I found across the Internet.

I would be more than happy, if you would make my new blog (http://world.werner-kunz.com) to one of your regular visit websites. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get right away my new posts in your mailbox.

All the best and cu soon here


Photo: Columbia sits on Launch Pad 39A before its maiden flight on STS-1 [1680×1050] by TopTechWriter.US.