Info: Checklist for social media project start

Dear all,

here is your check list for starting the social media project

1. Write you first articles in blogger (you can start a draft and decide according to your schedule)

2. Get your Blogger website nice and ready for launch (design, layout, gadgets, visuals). Test it with your article content, if it looks good.

3. Register your google analytics account

4. Link your Blogger and analytics account (see here

5. add me ad admin in Blogger and analytics

I still need:

Admin role for blogger: Quick Cooking

Access to the analytics account: Quick Cooking

Admin role in Analytics: For all groups. Give me all right, not only read & analyze

6. Check that Google Analytics can track your web visits

7. Make sure, your traffic is filtered out in the future

I showed you in class, how to get your ip (google: what is my ip)

and how to filter it out in google analytics (see here Method 2 in this article:

I stumbled upon an easier solution (method 1 in the article above). You can download an extension for your browser that excludes all your own traffic from Google analytics. The disadvantage is you need to use the same browser for all your website management and testing.

Thus, please install this extension in your browser ( and use only this browser for your website maintenance.

8. Start posting according to your schedule

9. Do your promotion of the post on various channels (see my slides)

1-10. Think the whole day on you posting, interact with likeminded people on social media and promote your own postings from time to time during the day.

Further to dos:

- If you haven’t done, please share with me your google docs Posting schedule

- I also uploaded the slides and you can download it here (

All the best